Happy Bones NYC

· Manhattan, NY ·

Counter Culture

· Roaster ·

2-4 USD

First Impressions

Conveniently located just between SoHo and Little Italy, Happy Bones is the perfect place to stop in for a coffee on your way. I was in a hurry to get somewhere, and passed the shop before doing a double take. It's a small space, and one that is easily missed, but it was raining and cold, so I ducked in, just in time to find my meeting canceled. I ended up spending the greater part of the day at Happy Bones. The coffee is great and pretty affordable, and wifi was pretty fast; it's a digital nomad's paradise. Especially if that nomad is a designer. 

Sunshine from the street pours in, warming the wall and creating beautiful slants of light across the floor. The space is so beautiful. I think I actually gasped aloud when I saw the lines of the back wall behind the counter. I don't think Happy Bones is out to reinvent coffee, but they're really good at making a fast, delicious cup, and they sure do look good doing it.