Everyman Espresso

· Manhattan, NY ·

Counter Culture

· Roaster ·

5-5 USD

First Impressions

Named #1 best coffee shop in America in 2014, Everyman has plenty to pride itself in. But instead they're super down to earth. I guess their coffee speaks for itself. It's super good. It's not trying too hard, though. The staff just seem like regular people who have a job in coffee. 

It's simple, and that's nice, because it lets the beautiful cafe spaces and wonderful coffee shine. The original shop, over in the East Village has a minimal and (in a good way) campus-y vibe going on. There's lots of students meeting up to study and chat and you're not gonna get judged for using whatever space you can find to camp out in. The newer SoHo location is just stunning inside, with cozy wood paneling and an even more vibrant tile detail across the wall. Both shops offer filter coffee (I've had chemex in SoHo and Aeropress in the East Village) and espresso pulled from really beautiful custom la marzocco machines (a Strada in SoHo and a Linea in the East Village).