Barista Parlor

· Nashville, TN ·


· Coffee Program ·

3-7 USD

First Impressions

Nashville has continued to prove itself to be an able contender in the the brawl for America's coolest city. Every time you turn around, it's doing something new – and it's doing it well. Great music, food, drinks, and coffee has helped it grow into a vibrant destination with a culture and heartbeat uniquely its own. Barista Parlor is (and famously so) a prime example. Artfully executed, BP's niche is wide open industrial spaces with lofty ceilings that are really a beauty to behold. Each location subtly explores its own motif: Sea (East Nashville), Air (Golden Sound in the Gulch), and Land (Germantown). But none is overdone or  kitsch, and instead they work together in a beautiful way. Each is bright and airy, as much art as architecture. 

As far as coffee goes, Barista Parlor features one of the most impressive collection of roasters and brewing methods I've ever seen. Their food is top notch, and while the original location tends to get a bad rap for it's aloof staff, I've consistently had great experiences with the baristas at Golden Sound. They're super friendly, happy to educate, and even generous with samples of their current offerings. I think the space at the original location is so big and busy that it can be overwhelming and intimidating, but once you're settled in, you can tell these people really love coffee and want to pass that love on to their community.